Cybercrime and media

During the Victims and Survivors of Crime Week 2018, the AFPAD launches three online clips in relation to this year’s theme of “Transforming the Culture Together”. This project was made possible with the financial contribution of the Department of Justice Canada, and especially thanks to our generous experts for their time and advice. Note: the clips and pamphlets are available in French only.


Interview with Commandant Martin Desbiens-Côté, in charge of the technology crimes and cyber investigations unit for the SPVM, about preventing cybercrimes and changing user’s habits.

Media coverage

Interview with Pierre Tourangeau, consultant in ethical and media management, concerning the role of media during a homicide investigation, and also the advantages and inconveniences of its mediatisation.

The consequences of a loved one being murdered

Testimonial of Christine Carretta, teacher and author of « Ma sœur, sauvagement assassinée », about the physical, psychological and household impacts of a loved one being murdered and the repercussions when returning to work after a trauma.

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