Member Services

The AFPAD offers a whole range of services to its members and is constantly searching for new services and activities that can answer their needs:

  • Meeting with families that are dealing with the tauma and hand out an information kit to new members
  • Support groups through breakfast meetings in many Quebec regions
  • Conferences and workshops about emotional, physical and mental wellness
  • Family support and accompaniement: in the media, during the trial, for unsolved murders, in adult disappearance cases…
  • Monthly newsletter with information about community ressources, testimonials, current activities, legal or psychological advice…
  • Referral to community resources and psychological help
  • Online informational videos about grievance, police investigations, post-traumatic shock, victims’ rights, dealing with media, cybercrime…
  • Promoting information about our industry through social media, our website and our blog
  • Financial support for psychological assistance and judicial expenses during trial
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