Newsletter Express – February 2018

Our latest Newsletter Express is available to read (in French only). In summary, you will find:

  • Invitation to the launch of a guidebook for employers about the return of a worker after a trauma
  • Presentation of the new guidebook and insight about grieving and post-traumatic stress on loved ones returning to work
  • Testimonial by Chantale Potvin, sister of Guylaine Potvin who was murdered in 2000
  • The importance of grand-parent and grand-children relationships, article by Raymonde Hébert of AFPAD
  • Upcoming breakfast meetings calendar
  • Testimonial by Danielle Urgon, mother of Cathy Caretta murdered in 1998
  • Reflexion by Isabelle Lord about young girl’s education after the murder of Daphné Boudreault in April 2017
  • Ruling in the case of Clémence Beaulieu-Patry’s murderer with testimonials by the immediate family
  • Learning to cope with the mental illness of a loved one, article by Réseau Avant de Craquer

Pleasant reading!
The AFPAD Team

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