Restorative justice and art-therapy

On October 17th, the AFPAD organised two workshops with opposing themes to help our members express their pain through different means: restorative justice and art-therapy.

All speakers were very generous in their presentations and we thank them for participating in these activities that helped our members:

  • Serge Charbonneau, Regroupement des organismes de justice alternative du Québec
  • Arlène Gaudreault, Association québécoise Paidoyer-Victimes
  • Carole Bertrand, mother of Sébastien Garneau murdered in 2000
  • Christophe De Muylder, Centre de services justice réparatrice
  • Marie-Catherine Péloquin, artist
  • Clémence Lambert, psychotherapist

A photo album of these workshops is avaible on our Facebook page

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