English interviews in the media about the Manawan tragedy

The AFPAD was contacted by english media to obtain more details about a tragedy that happened in Manawan where five aboriginals died in 1977; their families did not get any information from authorities in almost 40 years.

We can read the complete article by CBC News that appeared on February 28, 2016 : Drowning deaths of 5 aboriginal people in Manawan come to light 39 years later

The vice-president of our board, Cristelle Sary, had the opportunity to give details about this tragic event during radio interviews in the past week:


Reporter Francis Labbé was in Manawan March 10th to witness a meeting between Sûreté du Québec investigators and families touched by the 1977 tragedy. The article “Investigators assigned to look into 1977 fatal crash that killed 5 aboriginal people” by CBC News summarizes this important meeting for the community.

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