The AFPAD is a non-profit organization whose main mission is to overcome the isolation experienced by the families of the victims, to develop links of solidarity between them and make it easier for them to reach the necessary resources so they can access the information and the tools they need to rebuild their life.


Through each of the AFPAD’s actions, the values that guide us are: INTEGRITY, EQUITY, HONESTY, TRANSPARENCY, RESPECT AND MUTUAL HELP


  • Quickly offer families information services, emotional support and references
  • Insure a follow-up of manslaughter and disappearance files
  • Represent families with institutions and political authorities
  • Collaborate with organizations whose role is to support victims of criminal acts
  • Accompany families in the various stages of their mourning
  • Offer the families opportunities to establish links with other families
  • Promote the adoption of a Charter of Victims’ Rights in order for victims and criminals to be really equal before the Courts
  • Support violence and crime prevention efforts
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