The AFPAD is the brainchild of 4 fathers having each lost a daughter and who, in 2005 united to speak out against violence towards women. A major conclusion emerged from this association: help provided to the families of victims of manslaughter or criminal disappearances is lacking and the degree of disparity between the rehabilitation of offenders and help for victims’ families is striking. The AFPAD’s mission thus follows from this conclusion and the will to help and support other victims’ families came about quite naturally.

The AFPAD obtained its Letters Patent as a non-profit organization in the fall of 2005 to meet the needs of families of persons murdered or disappeared throughout Quebec.

In 2006, a first office was opened in Montreal and serves Western Quebec. In 2008, another office opened its doors in Quebec City and covers the Eastern part of the province.

The AFPAD now has 600 members in the province of Quebec.

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