A conference about grievance in Montreal

More than 40 AFPAD members were reunited this Saturday to attend a conference about grievance animated by Marie-Pascale Deegan, Deuil-Jeunesse.

The subject of this conference was grievance during the Holiday Season and how to prepare for this difficult time when we are mourning, even years after our loved ones have passed.

Our speaker’s main message was that all emotional reactions are normal when we are grieving, so it is unhealthy to anticipate how we will behave on Christmas Day when we are surrounded by others.

Door prizes: thank you to our donors

We wish to thank all the donors who have contributed to this activity and allowed us to give out a few gifts during our Holiday lunch:

  • Restaurant Maestro (gift certificate)
  • Vignoble La Mission (ice cider)
  • Marinella De Oliveira (basket of jams)
  • Studio 1101 in Prévost (basket of hair products)
  • Caroline Moreau (holiday crown)

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