Member services

The AFPAD offers a whole range of services to its members and is constantly searching for new services and activities that can answer their information and communication needs:

  • Meeting with families after a drama (contact and assistance following the event, explanation of the judicial process and new legislation to families,media accompaniment)
  • Accompanying and comforting families (listening and comforting, quarterly lunches in the majority of the Quebec regions, thematic meetings with families, information through our social media and website, online consulting with professionals)
  • Legal accompaniment (information, support in Court at the beginning of a new step of the judicial process, legal support with institutions, assistance in writing testimonial letters to parole boards, assistance with court records, unresolved murders, criminal disappearances)
  • Psychological help and financial support with the judicial process (additional help at the IVAC for psychological support, refund of certain expenses to follow up the process)
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