Breakfast Meetings

Gathering people

A breakfast meeting is an activity in which AFPAD members are invited to gather and exchange about their tragedy and it is a place where they can offer mutual support in a non-judgmental space. These meetings last about two hours and are led by a volunteer named “ambassador”, who is usually a member or a person that has lived through a similar event. The goals of these meetings are to: break social isolation, create ties of solidarity, offer mutual support, help verbalize the grieving process, normalize emotions.


In order to inform and give tools to our members enabling them to take better care of their emotional, physical and psychological health, we sometimes invite a speaker to give a small conference about various subjects: the mourning process, victim’s rights, nutrition and sleep, psychological aspects to take back a control on life, etc.

Outstanding ambassadors

To meet our member’s needs spread across the province, the AFPAD relies on the help of volunteers throught regions to organise these breakfast meetings. We sincerely thank each one of them for their implication  in this important activity that is much appreciated by our members.

To participate

This activity is reserved to our members that’s loved one was taken by homicide or a criminal disappearance. The breakfast meetings are held about every two months in these cities: Montreal, Quebec, Brossard, Joliette, St-Jerome, Shawinigan, Victoriaville, Sherbrooke, Gatineau, St-Félicien, Rimouski.

Please contact our administrative team for more information about this activity or to learn the next meeting dates by email or phone at 1 877-484-0404.

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