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Since 2005, our Association has comforted mothers, fathers, children and grand-parents affected by homicide or criminal disappearance. Our employees have heard such emotional testimonials that words cannot express their suffering:


“After my daughter’s murder, I had to clean her blood on the floor and walls. For every drop I scrubbed, I felt the life of my child fading away…” (testimonial of a mother who’s daughter was murdered)

“When I walk in the middle of a crowd, I often have the impression that I see her and I’m suddenly in a panic state since she dissapears right away; I will never give up, I will look for her until I die…” (testimonial about a sister’s dissapearance)

When tragedies such as these occur, we often don’t know what to do. Why not give to AFPAD?

CanadaHelps Logo How to donate

  • Online donation or by credit card: CanadaHelps
  • Check payable to: AFPAD
    Our address: 1686, des Laurentides Blvd, suite 203, Laval, QC  H7M 2P4

How your donations are used

All donations received are used towards services and financial aid for our members: psychological assistance, workshops about dealing with a traumatic death, judicial expenses during trial, organising memorial celebrations, legal assistance, etc.

Tax receipt

An annual tax receipt is given to all donors for a minimal amount of $20. Our Canada Revenue Agence Business Number is: 830461141RR0001

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